Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick update

Just a quick update.   Today, as you can see, we went in for the lugol drops-iodine- and injection of the radioactive isotope for the MIBG scans tomorrowAlejandro knows the hospital, nurses, doctors, techs, etc. so well that he feels right at home.  While Dani went to get juice to take the drops- cutbacks are affecting everything at this point- they used to provide the juice for the drops- Alejandro decided to turn the chair into his own personal playground (see video).  He took the drops without a hitch, the taste doesn't seem to fase him at all, and even was fairly cooperative while they looked for the vein in his hand to inject the isotope.  
On one hand this is good, but on the other, if I stop to think about it it makes me kind of sad that he has gone through this so many times that it's almost second nature by now.  
On another note, the MRI results are in.  No change.  At all.  As far as the imaging goes, the lesion measures exactly the same as it did in the last 2 MRIs.  So tomorrow is a really big deal.  We are hoping and praying that there will be no more uptake which would at least mean that the lesion is no longer active.  This would be considered a partial response and would allow us to go to Germany for antibody therapy.  Other things we need to be prepared for are no response and continued uptake but no disease progression or even bony disease progression.  All this we will know on Thursday and at that point we will start making decissions and plans.   Please just let me get through the next two days without totally loosing it.


  1. Toda la fuerza y mi cariño con vosotros en esta tremenda lucha...
    Un abrazo gigantesco...

  2. Mil grácias Aurelio! Un abrazo gigantesco para tí!