Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I will get right down to it.
I have made a terrible, terrible mistake with the estimated cost of the upcomming treatment in Greifswald, Germany.  In the "How Can I Help" section of this blog I listed the estimated cost of antibody therapy as being approximately €300,000 when, in reality it will be €80,000An ENORMOUS difference.  I was juggling many different treatment plans and costs and put down the low-end cost of treatment (roughly converted to euros) at the Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia ($400,000-$600,000) by mistakeI do not want this to sound like an excuse.  I should have double checked my information before including it in the blog.  I was convinced this was the price for Germany and absolutely would not have included it otherwise. I realized the mistake yesterday going over paperwork with our oncologist when it turned out that we could not locate the price estimate from Germany among all our correspondance with them over the last months.  I immediatly wrote to Germany when we arrived home and received their answer today.  All I can say is that I was beyond dismayed and appalled when I realized my mistake.

We want to make very clear to all of those that have helped with your contributions to date that, if in any way, you are not comfortable with what has happened, we fully understand and will reimburse in full or partially (however you wish) anyone who asks us to do so. We can also provide the e-mail from CHOP stating their estimated cost and the invoice from Germany via e-mail for anyone who wishes to see them. We by no means want anyone to feel that they have been misled by us, or that we were trying to manipulate anyones sentiments.  It was never our intention.  

As of today, October 12, we have raised €26,384.53 and roughly $7,000.  We have yet to reach our goal, but obviously are much closer than before.

We understand that these donations come from the heart and that is what is most important in all of this, and is why we have always felt the need to be completely transparent with all that is happening.  We beg your forgivness and hope you continue to follow the blog.  We still need help in reaching our goal Now closer than before.

Thank you,
Robin and Dani

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